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Lakefront 7s reduces capacity for the foreseeable future

Earlier this year the organizing committee of the Lakefront 7s met to discuss the future of the event. This followed from on the 2021 Lakefront 7s that was limited to 76 teams due to COVID-19 restrictions issued by Milwaukee county (who own our venue, Veterans Park).

The 2021 Lakefront 7s was a success for many reasons, not the least of which was the fact that many participants were playing rugby for the first time in 18 months. Additionally, the smaller event helped things run more smoothly and finish earlier. Our wonderful team of volunteers greatly appreciated this, as did many of the participants who took the time to send in feedback.

We are proud to have been largest summer rugby event in the nation for the last decade with at least 96 teams attending each year. In fact, we’ve been closer to 120 teams since we added the tag tournament a few years ago. However, it has been a monumental effort for our volunteers, as well as a logistical challenge fitting all the matches into the available space.

As such, the organizers have decided to shift to smaller, 72-76 team format for the foreseeable future. The 2022 Lakefront 7s will have a 72-team limit. These numbers do not include tag rugby which continues unchanged.

Already, 36 of the available 72 spots have been filled. Here are the number of spots available in each of the existing brackets as of 5/5/22:

  • High School Boys (U19) — 4 spots available
  • High School Girls (U19) — 5 spots available
  • Women’s Super-Social — 3 spots available
  • Men’s Super Social — 8 spots available
  • Women’s Social — 2 spots available
  • Men’s Social — 6 spots available
  • Men’s Competitive — 7 spots available
  • Women’s Competitive — 4 spots available
  • Men’s HIPPOS — 2 spots available

Registered teams as of 5/5/22

  • High School Boys (U19)
    • Quad City Rugby
    • Chiefs RFC High School Boys
    • Iowa Hawks Gold
    • Iowa Hawks Black
  • High School Girls (U19)
    • Chiefs RFC High School Girls
    • MadTown Furies
    • Badger Rugby Academy Team 1
  • Women’s Super-Social
    • CRC Deathicorns
    • Freeborn Eagles
    • Hamilton Alums
    • Chiefs RFC Women’s Team
    • Fox valley chaos
  • Men’s Super Social
    • Chiefs RFC Men’s Team
    • Milwaukee Barbarians
    • The Frankensteins
    • South Side Irish RFC
  • Women’s Social
    • Quad City Irish Women
    • T.I.T.S.
    • Great Waters
    • Little Rock Women’s Rugby
    • Grand Rapids Growlers
    • Northstars
  • Men’s Social
    • CRC
    • Quad City Irish Men
    • Lafayette Goblins
    • St. Thomas Rugby Club
    • Freeborn Eagles
    • Lincoln Park
    • Milwaukee Barbarians
    • Dream Thiems
    • Little Rock Stormers
    • Woodbury Wolfpack
  • Men’s Competitive
    • Milwaukee Barbarians
  • Men’s HIPPOS
    • M.A.O.R.I.
    • Fatbois
Vic Drover
Vic Drover

Victor has been involved in the rugby community since 1995 as player, coach, administrator and volunteer. He has helped organize the Lakefront 7s since 2009.

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