Match-day checklist

Match-day checklist

With all the excitement leading up to the Lakefront 7s, it’s easy to forget some of the essentials and ruin a perfectly good day of rugby. To help you have the best experience at the Lakefront 7s (or any rugby tournament), we’ve put together this match-day checklist.

1. Check schedule.

The first step in planning your day is to find out when your division begins. The divisional kickoff times and/or the the full match schedule can be found in the news section of this site the week of the event.

2. Review driving directions & construction delays.

Most participants will arrive at the Lakefront 7s venue by car. Once you know your team’s start time, review the travel time using our driving directions page.

Using a popular maps app should also point out construction delays.

3. Bring 48 oz of peanut butter for parking.

Each year we support the Hunger Task Force by running a food drive at the event. We invite you to participate by making a food donation in lieu of paying for parking.

To park for free, please donate 48 oz of peanut butter or more per car. The parking volunteers will collect this at the parking area.

4. Submit signed waiver 1 hour before kickoff.

There is no captains meeting, but teams must submit the event waiver signed by all participants (and their guardians if under 18).

The waiver should be downloaded and signed in advance.

5. Check the on-site schedule for any changes.

The scoring tent (map) will post the official schedule for the event. After submitting your waiver, please review your pool-stage matches for any changes in times and field locations.

Note that field numbers will be marked with large flags at the half-way line on each pitch.

6. Bring a pop-up tent for shade.

Most years, the Lakefront 7s is a sunny and steamy event. So we recommend that teams bring a pop-up shelter/tent to help reduce exposure to the sun and provide some respite from any rain we might have.

Be sure to properly secure your shelter/shade to the ground. The lakefront venue is prone to wind gusts and the weather can turn quickly. The last thing you want is to be chasing your tent across the pitch!

7. Apply sunscreen after each match.

A bad sunburn can turn the Lakefront 7s into a painful experience. Along with using a shelter for shade, using sunscreen regularly will prevent damage to your skin.

Reapply sunscreen after each match to ensure maximum protection.

8. Stay hydrated!

Drinking lots of water leading up and during the Lakefront 7s will help you perform well on the pitch and keep you safe.

If you plan on enjoying adult beverages, save them until your matches are complete as alcohol causes dehydration.

9. Check scores after pool play.

The scoring tent (map) will collect scores throughout the day and assign teams to the playoff brackets.

Once your pool stage matches are complete, be sure to follow up with the scorers to see if your team is advancing to playoffs.

10. Bring cash and credit/debit card.

The Lakefront 7s offers concessions for food and drinks, as well as event apparel. Cash and credit/debit card are accepted.

Note that parking is cash-only (or food donation) and ATM service is NOT available.

11. Watch your valuables!

A few thousand people will attend the Lakefront 7s, and the venue is also open to the public. So protecting your valuables is an important consideration.

We recommend leaving valuables like jewelry at home, and taking your phone and wallet with you whenever you leave your tent/shelter. This includes when you leave the area to play a match.

Note: There is no lost and found at the Lakefront 7s.

12. Clean up and get home safely.

When you’re done for the day, clean up your tent area and bring all trash to the dumpster near the scoring tent.

Make sure you have arranged for a ride home and be sure to remove your vehicle from the event (overnight parking is not permitted).