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Lakefront 7s logo usage

The Lakefront 7s logo was redesigned and launched in 2012 and is the primary brand element for the event. The logo may be used with the following restrictions:

  • Commercial use (apparel, merchandise, etc…) is not allowed without a usage waiver from SCRUM (contact us for details).
  • Non-commercial purposes such as news articles, blog posts and social media posts are acceptable as long as ownership of the image is neither stated nor implied.
  • All elements of the logo must be retained.
  • The color of the logo must be retained:
    • Online — HEX code: 0F4026
    • Print — C=86% M=46% Y=88% K=55%
  • The logo may be resized as needed as long as the font size is 10pt or larger.
lakefront7s logo 600px wide