Parking At Lakefront 7s

Parking at Lakefront 7s

If you plan to park your vehicle at the Lakefront 7s you’ll find a grassy lot in the northwest corner of the venue — Veterans Park — located at 1300 N Lincoln Memorial Dr, Milwaukee, WI 53202 (map).

Please contact the organizers for the exact fee/donation size as this may vary year-to-year. Parking is CASH ONLY.

Parking restrictions

Please note the following restrictions on parking and vehicle use at the Lakefront 7s:

  • All participants must park in the grassy lot. Parking on any paved lot is strictly prohibited.
  • Overnight parking is NOT permitted. Cars left overnight may be towed at the owners expense.
  • Vehicle use on or near the playing surfaces is strictly prohibited. Only vehicles displaying a parking permit are allowed on/near the playing surfaces (i.e. event organizers and vendors).

Parking for Peanuts

You may also “pay” for parking by participating in our annual food drive. Simply bring AT LEAST 48oz of unopened peanut butter per vehicle and we’ll donate it to the Hunger Task Force on your behalf.

peanut butter

Coolers & equipment

The parking lot can be up to 1000 yards from your playing area. Wheeled coolers and carts to carry equipment are recommended.