Scoring Tent

Scoring Tent & Schedule

Scoring tent

Match results are reported to the scoring tents by the referees immediately following the final whistle of each match. Match-ups for playoff matches (semi-finals and finals) are determined and posted at the scoring tents based on the results of matches in the seeding round (see also Competition Format).

Results from contact rugby are reported to scoring tent A (map) while results from flag (non-contact) rugby are reported to scoring tent E (map).

Match schedule

The printed schedule in the scoring tent is the only official schedule for the Lakefront 7s. So once you’ve checked in your team, head to the scoring tent to review any last minute changes.

A draft schedule with kick-off times and field assignments will be available a few days before the event. Please check the news section of this website and our Facebook page regularly for details. This draft schedule will let you know when you should arrive.