2024 Illinois 7s Rugby Calendar

A 2024 Illinois 7s Rugby Calendar You Won’t Want to Miss!

There’s nothing better than spending a summer day catching rays and playing rugby amongst fellow teammates. Thankfully, the 2024 Illinois 7s rugby calendar is looking to provide a lot of activity this summer! Between the Midwest 7s series to the Illinois Rugby’s Summer 7s State Championship, there will be events that anyone can join in on. 

Below you can find all you need to know about summer rugby in Illinois and the 2024 Illinois 7s rugby calendar. 

A Busy Season for the Windy City

The summer kicks off with Tri City 7s in the beginning of June and it ends late July. The Illinois Rugby’s Summer 7s State Championships is the last of the tournaments featuring High School Boys, Girls, and Middleschoolers. The 2024 Illinois 7s rugby calendar will have tournaments taking place June through July including Firehouse 7s and The Midwest 7s series that both men and women can take part in. 

The Illinois Rugby’s Summer 7s State Championships will close the summer season and will allow for you to take in 7s rugby played by High School and Middle school teams. 

One of the Biggest 7s Midwest Tournaments will be Hosted in Illinois

The Midwest 7s Series will be having their Midwest Rugby Union crossover tournament in Lemont, IL at the end of June. The top teams in the region will play within their conference as well as get to compete with teams from all over the country. 

The winner of the Midwest 7s series will get to play in the 7s National Club Championships, happening in Cottage Grove, WI in mid August. 

Illinois Favorites: Tri City 7s & Firehouse 7s

Fox Valley Rugby will be presenting its fourth annual Tri City 7s tournament. Both men and women teams have the chance to enter into the social tournament. Tri City 7s will provide a great kick off and warm up to the 2024 Illinois 7s rugby summer season.

Firehouse 7s, hosted by the Chicago Blaze will include a men and women’s social, along with Hippo 7s. Ruggers of all ages will have a chance to get into some rugby fun. Firehouse 7s adds more action to the rugby-filled month of June that will be seen in Wisconsin summer rugby tournaments. 

The 2024 Illinois 7s rugby calendar 

You can trust Illinois in providing plenty of rugby excitement for the midwest this summer!

Take a look at the 2024 Illinois 7s rugby calendar!

Filling the June 22 gap

As you can see above, Illinois doesn’t have a 7s event on June 22nd. If you’re looking for an event that weekend, check out the Lakefront 7s in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

It’s just a 90 minute drive from Chicago and is the largest summer rugby event in the USA!


The Illinois 7s rugby calendar pairs well with the tournaments taking place in the Midwest this summer. Between Tri City 7s to Midwest 7s, and even the Wisconsin summer tournaments, rugby teams will get in on prime action on the pitch. 

Firehouse 7s will bring rugby fun amongst all ages and adds another tournament in the busy month of June for the Midwest. 

Don’t forget to register your teams for any eligible tournaments. You won’t want to miss out on the opportunities the 2024 Illinois 7s rugby calendar holds!

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