Gods and Goddesses

Gods & Goddesses is your 2024 Lakefront 7s Theme!

What happens when you put ruggers in togas and throw them in a high stakes 7s match? The 2024 Lakefront 7s theme might just give you the opportunity to catch a glimpse! For the 41st annual Lakefront 7s tournament, we’re shouting “Opa!” and turning to the Greek gods and goddesses for inspiration for the theme. 

Below you can also find previews of some apparel designs. These will allow you to tune into your greek god or goddess side at the 2024 event. 

2024 Theme: Gods and Goddesses 

You can create some fun amongst your team and supporters as you channel your inner Zeus or Aphrodite. Show off your best toga — whether it’s a bed sheet or an actual greek garment — for the 2024 Lakefront 7s theme. 

Pair it with golden accents or a crown made of vines to look like you came straight from Mount Olympus itself! You could even stand out with golden armor or accessories like tridents, bows and shields, as you train for combat and set out to battle another team. 

You’ll surely make heads turn if you can capture Zeus’s lightning bolt to show off to your immortal peers!

Gods and Goddesses

What Themes Fought for the Victory? 

Now it wasn’t a battle with bows and swords, but the decision for the 2024 Lakefront 7s theme produced super close results. The community voted on the theme after public nominations.

 “Gods & Goddesses” took the podium as winner but “Heroes & Villains” was close to winning the battle. Coming in third place among average ratings was “Cowboys & Cowgirls” followed by “America the Beautiful.” 

Even “Ninja Turtles” and “Star Wars” got the chance to be the theme this year, but ultimately were defeated. 

While 2024 will be Gods & Goddesses, you can expect to see some of the other high-ranking themes in the years to come.

Survey Rresults Lakefront 7s Theme
Survey results.

New Apparel That Pairs Well With Gold Armor

The ancient gods never set foot in battle without the proper armor. So why would you miss out on some new gear inspired by the 2024 Lakefront 7s theme.

We’ve once again partnered up with our sponsor Booshie, who’s created some amazing merchandise for us in the past. Below you will find previews of some of the apparel we’ll have at the event so you can feel like a divine deity all tournament long!

Will You be Arriving by Chariot for the 2024 Lakefront 7s Tournament? 

The 2024 Lakefront 7s theme will surely provide for an unforgettable tournament. It combines rugby with the great inspiration of the Greek gods and goddesses. The new apparel designs add to the excitement. The create a fun way to capture the tournament and cherish the memories made for years to come.

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