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Roster size, rules for substitutions and disciplinary actions clarified

The Milwaukee Rugby Sevens Association is pleased to announce that three changes/clarifications are being made to our tournament rules.

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Roster Expansion

The first change relates to the roster size which has been expanded from 12 to 15 for all matches except those in a USA Rugby Qualifier bracket. This change addresses the fact that in the past, teams have fielded players not listed on their event waiver. In addition, this adds some flexibility in our 1-day format that can see teams playing up to 5 matches.

Regardless of the bracket being played, the active roster for any one match remains capped at 12 players, and players may not move between teams nor brackets.

Rolling Substitutions

The second change relates to substitutions. As of June 18, 2016 and following World Rugby Sevens Law Variation 3.4, a team may substitute the same player more than once as long as no more than 5 substitutions are made in total in any one game.

This variation was approved by the USA Rugby Committee as reported by USA Rugby Law sub-committee Chairman Peter Watson.

Disciplinary Clarification

In the past, rules surrounding Yellow and Red cards have not been explicitly stated.

That changes today as the rules relating to these issues are clearly defined following the World Rugby law variations for rugby sevens.

Specifically, Yellow cards will last for 2 minutes, and two (2) Yellow cards in a single match is a Red card. A player sent off (Red card) during any match is ineligible for the remainder of the tournament.

Players who receive Yellow and/or Red Cards will be reported by referees and displayed in the scoring tent.

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