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Check-in times and 2022 draft schedule now available

The 2022 draft schedule is now available. Please note that the ONLY official schedule is posted at the scoring tent on the day of the event.

However, the draft below can be used for planning purposes. In particular, the check-in times for teams in each division is firm.

Check-in time/deadline

Teams must check-in at the scoring tent one hour before their first match and submit their waiver signed by all players. Any team not checked in one hour before their match may be replaced with a team from the waitlist at the discretion of the tournament director(s).

For your convenience, here is the check-in schedule for teams by division:

  • High School Boys — 7:00 AM
  • Women’s Super Social — 7:00 AM
  • Men’s Social — 7:20 AM
  • HIPPOs — 8:00 AM
  • Men’s Super Social — 11:20 AM
  • Men’s Competitive — 11:40 AM
  • Women’s Social — 12:00 PM
  • High School Girls — 12:20 PM

2022 draft schedule – all divisions

Below is the 2022 draft schedule for the Lakefront 7s. We recommend that teams visit the scoring tent after checking in for any last-minute updates/changes.

Please note that if a team fails to appear for any of their matches, their opponents who do appear will receive a 28-0 “forfeit win” and the schedule will continue as-scheduled.

Color-coded draft schedule

The draft schedule is presented both as an image and a table to maximize accessibility. Each is color-coded: matches in the same division have the same color scheme.

If you find any errors, please contact us so we can fix them in the official schedule.

2022 Draft Schedule
TimeField 1Field 2Field 3Field 4Field 5
8:00Hawks Gold v Chiefs 4Rams v Quad City 3Hawks Black v Predator Rugby 2Banshees v Chargers 4Scylla v Chaos
8:20Lady Ravens v Chiefs 1Hamilton Alums v WWRFCDeathicorns v TBD1Barbarians 2 v Warriors AlumSt. Thomas v Chicago Lawyers
8:40Dream Thiems v WoodsmenGoblins v WolfpackOshkosh v Lincoln ParkFox Valley v Quad City Irish 2MRFC 2 v Swords
9:00Elgin v StormersFatbois v Barbarians 4 Hawks Gold v RamsChiefs 4 v Quad City 3
9:20Hawks Black v BansheesPredator Rugby 2 v Chargers 4Scylla v Lady RavensChaos v Chiefs 1Hamilton Alums v Deathicorns
9:40WWRFC v TBD1Barbarians 2 v St. ThomasWarriors Alum v Chicago LawyersDream Thiems v GoblinsWoodsmen v Wolfpack
10:00Oshkosh v Fox ValleyLincoln Park v Quad City Irish 2MRFC 2 v ElginSwords v Stormers 
10:20Fatbois v MRFC 3Hawks Gold v Quad City 3Chiefs 4 v RamsHawks Black v Chargers 4Predator Rugby 2 v Banshees
10:40Scylla v Chiefs 1Chaos v Lady RavensHamilton Alums v TBD1WWRFC v DeathicornsBarbarians 2 v Chicago Lawyers
11:00Warriors Alum v St. ThomasDream Thiems v WolfpackWoodsmen v GoblinsOshkosh v Quad City Irish 2Lincoln Park v Fox Valley
11:20MRFC 2 v StormersSwords v ElginBarbarians 4 v MRFC 3 Chiefs 2 v Chargers 1
11:40High School Boys Semifinal 1High School Boys Semifinal 2Barbarians 3 v FrankensteinsBeer Barons v Chicago BlueKraken v Moose Knuckle
12:00Women Super Social Semifinal 1Women Super Social Semifinal 2Gargoyles v SS IrishPredator Rugby 1 v KnoxvilleLa Crosse v Chicago RC
12:20  D3 Daddies v B-52s  
12:40Barbarians 1 v U23 WI SelectsCeltics v Riverboat Gamblers Men’s Social Semifinal 1Men’s Social Semifinal 2
1:00MRFC 1 v WRFU SelectsKings v ReapersHIPPOs FinalT.I.T.S. v Great WatersQuad City Irish 1 v Minx
1:20High School Boys FinalWomen Super Social FInalMarquette v OconomowocNorthstars v Little RockChargers 2 v Chiefs 3
1:40Eagan v HamiltonChargers 3 v FuriesSparta Rock v Badger AcademyBarbarians 3 v Chiefs 2Frankensteins v Chargers 1
2:00Men’s Social FinalBeer Barons v KrakenChicago Blue v Moose KnuckleGargoyles v Predator Rugby 1SS Irish v Knoxville
2:20Barbarians 1 v CelticsU23 WI Selects v Riverboat GamblersLa Crosse v D3 DaddiesChicago RC v B-52sT.I.T.S. v Quad City Irish 1
2:40MRFC 1 v KingsWRFU Selects v ReapersGreat Waters v MinxMarquette v NorthstarsOconomowoc v Little Rock
3:00Chargers 2 v EaganChiefs 3 v HamiltonChargers 3 v Sparta RockFuries v Badger AcademyBarbarians 3 v Chargers 1
3:20Frankensteins v Chiefs 2Beer Barons v Moose KnuckleChicago Blue v KrakenGargoyles v KnoxvilleSS Irish v Predator Rugby 1
3:40La Crosse v B-52sChicago RC v D3 DaddiesT.I.T.S. v MinxGreat Waters v Quad City Irish 1Marquette v Little Rock
4:00Barbarians 1 v Riverboat GamblersU23 WI Selects v CelticsOconomowoc v NorthstarsChargers 2 v HamiltonChiefs 3 v Eagan
4:20MRFC 1 v ReapersWRFU Selects v KingsChargers 3 v Badger AcademyFuries v Sparta Rock 
4:40Men’s Super Social Semifinal 1Men’s Super Social Semifinal 2   
5:00Women Social Semifinal 1Women Social Semifinal 2   
5:20High School Girls Semifinal 1High School Girls Semifinal 2   
5:40Men Competitive Semifinal 1Men Competitive Semifinal 2   
6:00Men Super Social FinalWomen Social Final   
6:20High School Girls Final    
6:40Men Competitive Final    
 LEGEND:Men’s SocialMen’s Super SocialHS BoysHS Girls
  Women’s SocialMen’s CompetitiveHIPPOSWomen’s Super Social

Draft Tag Schedule

Here is the tag rugby schedule:

2022 Tag Draft Schedule Hd
Waukesha 8 v Fond du Lac 7West Bend 2 v Cottage Grove 29:00Waukesha 5 v Fond du Lac 5Green Bay 2 v Menomonee Falls 2
Waukesha 9 v Hamilton 1Menomonee Falls 3 v Fox Cities 49:20Fox Cities 3 v Waukesha 7Waukesha 6 v Fond du Lac 6
Waukesha 10 v Green Bay 3Wauwatosa 1 v Fond du Lac 89:40West Bend 1 v Cottage Grove 2Waukesha 5 v Green Bay 2
Waukesha 8 v West Bend 2Fond du Lac 7 v Cottage Grove 210:00Fond du Lac 5 v Menomonee Falls 2Waukesha 6 v Fox Cities 3
Waukesha 9 v Menomonee Falls 3Hamilton 1 v Fox Cities 410:20West Bend 1 v Waukesha 7Fond du Lac 6 v Cottage Grove 2
Waukesha 10 v Wauwatosa 1Green Bay 3 v Fond du Lac 810:40Waukesha 5 v Menomonee Falls 2Fond du Lac 5 v Green Bay 2
Waukesha 8 v Cottage Grove 2Fond du Lac 7 v West Bend 211:00Fond du Lac 6 v Fox Cities 3Cottage Grove 2 v Waukesha 7
Waukesha 9 v Fox Cities 4Hamilton 1 v Menomonee Falls 311:20Waukesha 6 v West Bend 1 
Waukesha 10 v Fond du Lac 8Green Bay 3 v Wauwatosa 111:40  
  12:005th-6th 1 v 4 Semifinal 15th-6th 2 v 3 Semifinal 2
  12:207th-8th 1v 4 Semifinal 17th-8th 2v3 Semifinal 2
  12:405th-6th Championship 
  1:007th-8th Championship 
 Waukesha 1 v Fond du Lac 19:00Waukesha 3 v Fond du Lac 3Fox Cities 2 v Cottage Grove 1
 Waukesha 2 v Fond du Lac 29:20Waukesha 4 v Fond du Lac 4Green Bay 1 v Menomonee Falls 1
 Fond du Lac 1 v Green Bay 49:40  
 Fond du Lac 2 v Fox Cities 110:00Waukesha 3 v Fox Cities 2Fond du Lac 3 v Cottage Grove 1
 Waukesha 1 v Green Bay 410:20Waukesha 4 Green Bay 1Fond du Lac 4 v Menomonee Falls 1
 Waukesha 2 v Fox Cities 110:40  
 Waukesha 1 v Fond du Lac 211:00Waukesha 3 v Cottage Grove 1Fond du Lac 3 v Fox Cities 2
 Fond du Lac 1 v Fox Cities 111:20Waukesha 4 v Menomonee Falls 1Fond du Lac 4 v Green Bay 1
 Waukesha 2 v Green Bay 411:40  
  12:003rd-4th 1 v 4 Semifinal 13rd-4th 2 v 3 Semifinal 2
  12:403rd-4th Championship 
7th-8th Grade1st-2nd GradeLEGEND:3rd-4th Grade5th-6th Grade

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