Christmas In June

Introducing our 2022 theme – Rugby Christmas!

In Milwaukee, we have two Christmas vacations. The first is the traditional holiday in December. The second — and arguably best — is Rugby Christmas.

Rugby Christmas falls on the last Saturday in June and is of course the unofficial name of the Lakefront 7s.

Like other secular Christmases, the Lakefront 7s features feats of strength and athleticism, unadorned poles used for kicking conversions, and the airing of grievances (typically between coaches and referees).

Yes, Christmas in June is a true miracle and this year we are going all-in on the theme.

Christmas attire is welcome expected

Like all great rugby festivals, we expect teams to embrace the theme and dress appropriately. There’s a lot of ways you can go in terms of costumes, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Santa, reindeer, elves … feel free to get creative!!!

Rugby Christmas apparel & accessories

I’m sure Santa would give a tip of his cap to our apparel sponsor Booshie who designed a full range around our theme. Below you’ll find previews of the apparel, available exclusively on-site at the Lakefront 7s.

Booshie can often sell out before lunch. So get there early to ensure that the size and styles you want are available.

Victor Drover
Vic Drover

Victor has been involved in the rugby community since 1995 as player, coach, administrator and volunteer. He has helped organize the Lakefront 7s since 2009.

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