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Six of eight divisions full (or very close to it) for 2021 Lakefront 7s

As of this writing, the 2021 Lakefront 7s is 80% full with six of our 8 divisions full or nearly full.

We’ll be publishing the full list of teams soon, but for now, here is the status of each division.

  • High School Boys — 1 spot available (8 total)
  • High School Girls — 2 spots available (8 total)
  • Women’s Super Social — 4 spots available (4 total)
  • Men’s Super Social — wait list only (8 total)
  • Women’s Social — 1 spot available (8 total)
  • Men’s Social — 5 spots available (16 total)
  • Men’s Competitive — wait list only (8 total)
  • Men’s HIPPOs — 2 spots available (4 total)

Update on county permit

As you may know, we have been awaiting approval from Milwaukee County to host the 2021 Lakefront 7s. We have been receiving very positive indications from Milwaukee County that strongly suggest the tournament will proceed as scheduled on June 26, 2021.

We’ll keep you posted on that front, but we are feeling more confident each day that we are ready to kick-off for 2021!

Of course, we are offering full refunds should the county surprise us and not issue our permit. Either way, please do register ASAP to secure your spot!

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