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Hippos and Super-Social brackets gain initial interest at rugby sevens tournament

We are excited to announce that 16 teams have already registered for the 2019 Lakefront 7s. This includes 5 teams in our new Super-social and Hippos brackets, and 4 high school teams.

Of course we are thrilled that teams are registering earlier than ever this year. But early interest in the new brackets is encouraging. In the most recent annual Lakefront 7s survey we noticed an up-tick in participants who felt that the skill level in their bracket was too diverse. Practically speaking, that resulted too many lop-sided scores.

One reason for these mismatches is variations in registration levels. For example, in 2018 we merged both Women’s brackets when only two teams registered for the upper/competitive bracket.

Another reason is due to team make up. At the high school level, single-school teams were typically out-matched by multi-school or select-side teams.

To address these issues, we’re experimenting with more brackets, and a lower cap on registration across all brackets. Here is the current breakdown for tackle rugby sevens at the upcoming 2019 Lakefront 7s:

  • High School
    • Girls — 8 teams
    • Boys — 12 teams
  • Adult Women (Club + College)
    • Competitive — 8 teams
    • Social — 12 teams
    • Super-social — 12 teams. ! NEW FOR 2019 !
  • Adult Men (Club + College)
    • Competitive — 8 teams
    • Social — 16 teams
    • Super-social — 16 teams. ! NEW FOR 2019 !
    • Hippos— 4 teams. ! NEW FOR 2019 !
      • All players in the Hippos bracket must be 250+ pounds and/or 35+ years in age.

Here are the Super-social and Hippos teams that have registered by mid-January (see also: full list of 2019 participants):

To help better match skill levels among youth teams, all High School teams must now answer the following questions when registering their team:

  • Are you a single-school team or a multi-school team
  • Are you a select-side

We will use the answers to these questions to best match youth teams.

Click to register for the Lakefront 7s

Here are the High School teams currently registered:

Vic Drover
Vic Drover

Victor has been involved in the rugby community since 1995 as player, coach, administrator and volunteer. He has helped organize the Lakefront 7s since 2009.

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