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Milwaukee rugby tournament highlights the Inaugural Red from collaborative Campus Craft Brewery


Milwaukee – The Milwaukee Rugby Sevens Association announced today that the Wisconsin Brewing Company is returning as the official beverage provider of the 2015 Lakefront 7s rugby tournament.

The historic Milwaukee rugby event — the largest of it’s kind in the nation — will feature Wisconsin Brewing products exclusively at the dedicated beer tent and throughout the venue with a mobile concession stand.

A sampling tent will also offer free tastings. 

“Wisconsin Brewing has been a dedicated supporter of rugby in the Milwaukee area.” said Victor Drover, director of the Lakefront 7s and President of the Milwaukee Barbarians Athletic Club. “We love their products, and we’re thrilled to have more people enjoy them at an event that attracts rugby and beer enthusiasts from not only Milwaukee, but Chicago, Madison, Cleveland, and Detroit, to name a few.”

Wisconsin Brewing has released just shy of 20 beers over the last 20 months and will be serving a number of them including Golden Amber Lager, Yankee Buzzard IPA, OL’ Reliable, Zenith.

In addition, the event will feature Inaugural Red from Campus Craft Brewery, a collaboration between Wisconsin Brewing and the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

“WBC is happy to support the Milwaukee Barbarians and the Lakefront 7’s rugby tournament. It’s a great local group of guys that epitomize the spirit of Wisconsin,” said Jessica Schluter, marketing manager at WBC.

Wisconsin Brewing products will be available throughout the day at the Lakefront 7s with service starting at 10:00 AM and continuing through 6:00 PM. The sampling tent will be open from 10:00 AM until 1:00 PM.

About the Lakefront 7s

The Lakefront 7s is a seven-a-side and tag rugby event held annually since 1982 by the Milwaukee Rugby Sevens Association. The event is 100% volunteer-staffed by local area teams including the Milwaukee Barbarians (Men’s Rugby) and Milwaukee Scylla (Women’s Rugby).

The Lakefront 7s is held at Veteran’s Park during the Summerfest celebrations in late June or early July. It features six adult and three youth pitches with beautiful lakefront exposure and sweeping views of Milwaukee’s skyline.

Within walking distance of many of Milwaukee’s finest attractions and it’s historic Third Ward, the Lakefront 7s is an ideal summer destination for both rugby athletes and fans alike, and all proceeds support local rugby.

More information on the Lakefront 7s and the Milwaukee Rugby Sevens Association can be found online at http://lakefront7s.com.

About Wisconsin Brewing Company

Wisconsin Brewing Company opened November 1, 2013 in Verona, Wisconsin with a state-of-the-art facility

and a passion for the state of Wisconsin and great craft beer. That pride is demonstrated with beers true to

Wisconsin’s brewing legacy, created by award-winning Wisconsin brewmaster Kirby Nelson, in a brewery that is entirely made in Wisconsin, from the Hudson-built Huppmann brewhouse to the smallest details of the 100%

aluminum tap handles, crafted in Madison.

For further information, contact Marketing Manager Jessica Schluter at jessic[email protected] or 608-848-1079.


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