Register Early For Sevens Rugby

Early rugby tournament signup is key to a great 7s experience

The Lakefront 7s sells out every year, especially since we capped our team numbers. So each year we hear stories of teams that missed the early rugby tournament signup window and can’t participate the way they would like, if at all.

Just picture it — a gorgeous summer day by the lake with great food, cold beverages, and a park full of your friends playing rugby. For most players and fans, a summer rugby tournament like the Lakefront 7s is the ideal way to spend a Saturday.

But early rugby tournament signup is key to a great 7s experience, and here’s why.

1. Better participation

By setting your summer schedule early, you’re sure to maximize the participation of your team mates. From coordinating vacation time to competing for limited roster spots, the earlier you register your team the better your numbers will be at the event and even at practice.

2. Free advertising for your team/club

Once a a team registers, they are usually promoted on the social media channels of the sevens tournament. This exposure will let team fans as well as potential players know about your club and provide opportunities for recruiting and expanding the reach of your network by gaining more followers.

As above, the earlier you can register, the earlier the chances that the people you want to recruit will see your news in time to follow your club’s social media and/or contact you about participating on your team.

3. More time to collect fees

One of the major reasons teams cite for delaying their event registration is the inability to collect fees from players in advance. And that’s totally understandable — no one wants to be left holding the bill.

But whether it’s the club bank account or a team member paying in advance, registering early is typically a better financial decision. Simply put, registering early gives you more time to collect fees from your teammates.

4. Secure the best brackets for your team

Wether you are winning every match effortlessly, or you are barely able to get your hands on the ball, getting stuck in the wrong division is a great way to ruin a fun day of rugby.

The Lakefront 7s offer many competition levels, and selecting the best one to suit your team is critical to having a great experience.

When you register early for 7s rugby, you can choose the division that suits your team best.

5. Choose your kickoff time

Large events like the Lakefront 7s must stagger kickoff times in order get the right balance between spacing matches to allow rest time, and finishing the event on time. Thus, the kickoff time for your first match will depend on the division you register for.

For example, the Men’s Super Social division at the 2023 Lakefront 7s kicks off at 8:00 AM while the Men’s Social division begins at 12:20 PM.

Preferred kick-off times can can easily be accommodated when a team enters early.

6. Refund policies

Many 7s events have a flexible refund policy that lets you cancel your registration with reasonable notice. For example, at the Lakefront 7s we offer full refunds any time before June 1st in any given year.

It’s always better to reserve your spot early and use the refund policy as a last resort to recover costs if you cannot get players to commit and pay their share of the entry fee.

7. Have more fun

There’s no faster way to ruin a great day of rugby than to be worrying about money, scrambling to get players, competing in a bracket you would rather not be in, or kicking off before your players can arrive.

In contrast, early rugby tournament signup means you will be more relaxed and have a lot more fun at your event. So be sure to register early for all of the events on your summer sevens schedule.