2023 Women's Open Champions

Good support lifts T.I.T.S. to familiar heights

Every year you’ll see lots of T.I.T.S. at the Lakefront 7s. They come in from all over — in all shapes and sizes — to compete at the event. And they are always a contender for hardware.

This year, T.I.T.S. registered for the Women’s Open division. They faced familiar foes: Scylla Rugby (Milwaukee, WI), Wisconsin Women’s RFC (Madison, WI), and the Deathicorns (Chicago, IL).

After two rounds of pool play, it became clear that the imposing T.I.T.S. would advance to the final against Scylla as both teams were so-far undefeated.

In other words, the third round of pool play would feature the same teams as the forthcoming championship match.
Rather than play a nice pair of T.I.T.S. vs. Scylla matches back-to-back, both teams and the event organizers agreed that the 3rd pool match would also serve as the championship.

And what a championship it was! A close contest on both offense and defense, good support lines were on full display. In the end, T.I.T.S. edged Scylla 19-17 with only a conversion kick keeping the match from heading into overtime.

This is their second championship in the modern era, and we look forward to seeing more T.I.T.S. action next year.

If you’re interested in playing with T.I.T.S. at future events, please contact them via their Facebook page.

2023 Women's Open Champions
2023 Women’s Open Champions


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