2023 HIPPOs Champions

Warlocks make waves in HIPPOs debut

The Warlocks, a motley crew made up of players from the Indiana Impalas and Milwaukee Barbarians, made their Lakefront 7s debut today in the HIPPOs “Old Boy” division.

The HIPPOs division — requiring players to be at least 35 years of age and/or 275 lbs in weight — was filled out by familiar attendees Fat Bois (Chicago, IL), MRFC (Milwaukee, WI) and tournament hosts the Barbarians.

The Warlocks finished pool play in second place with a 2-1-0 record and matched with top-seeded MRFC (3-0-0) in the final.

While MRFC had won the pool stage match 17-12, Warlocks had their revenge in the final with a score of 14-0 to take the HIPPOs title.

2023 HIPPOs Champions
2023 HIPPOs Champions


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2023 HIPPOs Pool Stage Standings

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