Qualifier pools announced for second stop on the 2015 rugby sevens qualifier circuit

2015 Lakefront 7s Qualifier pools

The Men's and Women's qualifier pools for the 2015 Lakefront 7s have been set by the Midwest Rugby Football Union. 

As you can see above, the top 3 Mwen's teams from Madtown 7s — the first leg in the Midwest Qualifier series — have each been assigned to one of the 3 pools. 

The rest of the teams were assigned randomly.

On the Women's side, the teams were drawn randomly as the Milwaukee rugby event is the first leg of the Women's Qualifier.

With the Qualifier pools set, the full schedule for all the brackets at the Lakefront 7s will be finalized and published shortly.

Women's Pool A

  • 1823 - Columbus, OH
  • Wolfhounds - Cincinnati, OH
  • Youngbloodz - Minneapolis, MN

Women's Pool B

  • CRFC White - Columbus, OH
  • Lions - Chicago, IL
  • Gazelles - Grand Rapids, MI

Men's Pool A

  • 1823 A-side - Columbus, OH
  • CARPS - Cleveland, OH
  • Wolfpack - woodbury MN
  • Youngbloodz - Minneapolis, MN

Men's Pool B

  • 1823 B-sIde - Columbus, OH
  • Blaze - Chicago, IL
  • Griffins - Chicago, IL
  • Lions A-side - Chicago, IL

Men's Pool C

  • Barbarians - Milwaukee, WI
  • Gazelles - Grand Rapids, MI
  • Lions B-side - Chicago, IL
  • Wolfhounds - Cincinnati, OH