Add your team to the wait list for free!

Today we are happy to announce that effective immediately, there will be no cost to join the wait list for the Lakefront 7s rugby tournament. 

This decision represents a policy change that has been in place for the last 4 years wherein joining the wait was the same price as a full ticket. 

When we first implemented this policy, the goal was to ensure that only serious teams joined the waiting list. As such, when we called someone on the waiting list, they were ready and willing to accept. Of course anyone who could not be placed in the event were refunded the cost in full. 

However, with the Lakefront 7s selling out earlier and earlier each year, and cancellation/no-show rates dropping to about 2%, we felt it was time to revisit the policy and make it easier for teams to show their interest in attending.

If you would like to join the waiting list, please visit the Ticketing page and select the Team Waiting List from the available choices.

Join the waiting list