You can't have a great event without great sponsors

The Lakefront 7s is fortunate to have the support of so many great sponsors. Please take a moment to read about their services and mention our name if and when you patronize them.

  • American Sin Bin — Your source for rugby t-shirts: drowned in blood, sweat, and beer for extra manliness. Be sure to drop by their tent during the event.
  • Athletico — Truly dedicated to rugby, and awesome physical therapists to boot. And if you need to tape an ankle or anything else at the event, drop by their tent. Otherwise, drop by their office on Milwaukee's East side at 2615 N. Downer Avenue. 
  • Capital Brewery — Great beer and great people. Nuf said. They will have free tastings, and of course their most popular beers available for purchase at the Lakefront 7s. Be sure to give them a try, especially Capital Amber, mmm...
  • Curtis Ambulance (414-276-7711) — When you need an ambulance you want the best, and the folks at Curtis are exceptional. Hopefully, you won't even notice them at the event!
  • Milwaukee County Parks — Where would we be without the support of our partners at the Parks department who maintain the gorgeous venue, Veteran's Park.
  • Orthopedic Institute of Wisconsin — A perfect fit for any athlete with injuries or even retired athletes experiencing painful problems such as arthritis. And they support local rugby teams too!
  • PEPP Nation — Dedicated to bringing the dream of a college education to young athletes through sports scholarships. PEPP Nation is running the Tag rugby program at the Lakefront 7s, so be sure to check them out.
  • Treeflame — An agile IT shop specializing in web site and web application development, and online marketing including inbound marketing and SEO.

Thank-you to all of you for helping make the 2013 Lakefront Sevens possible!

Please support our sponsors