Survey Results 2013

Below you'll find the results of the 2013 survey. Look for a focus on improved fields next year.

Otherwise, it looks like a great event all around!


  1. Great tournament, great pool of teams to play with. the fields are awesome, such a great view despite this year's rain causing flooding on the fields.
  2. Our team drives 10 hours to get to this tournament. We like it so much we will keep traveling that distance.
  3. If start one hour (or 40 minutes) earlier, you can add 2-3 20 minute field breaks throughout the day. This allows for injuries and other delays without affecting schedules. Lakefront is one of our big highlight 7s trips of the summer. I don't know how you scheduled the perfect weather but it was great. A 10x10 tent, chairs and water for referees out at field 6 would be nice for them before or after their match. Also, for the multiple choice options in this survey, you should have option "N/A. Did Not Use." :-) Overall, great tourney again.
  4. The cost for high school teams is too high.
  5. Surfaces suffered this year due to rain. The schedule was kept up with better than past years. Wish the Qualifier final was earlier so more would still be around to watch.
  6. Fix the fields... a lot of awful holes in it, fields are not straight. Do something about it... start working on the fields 1-2 months before the tournament. Charge $20 more if you have to and say that money will go towards improving the playing surface... Awful Awful fields - holes, not straight lines, it seems that you were playing up the hill at some point and down the hill at others.
  7. I was a bit disappointed to see the teams in the women's qualifer bracket and the ability to register additional teams even for the social side. I can think of 4 sides which should have been placed in the social side, but were in the competitive side because social side filled up quickly. It would have been better to have those who really want to be in the competitive join that side rather than placing them against the more "competitive" teams. Second, the scheduling was quite strange for a tournament. All of the social teams were in the morning and I know of several Chicago social sides who were done by 11am and just went home rather than staying to watch games and attend the social. It seems as if this could be improved so that it is more spread out throughout the day and mixed to encourage teams to stay. This is about rugby, not just the qualifer sides.
  8. It is quite a challenge to organize that many games. I would like to see more stagger on start times so there is not quite the jam trying to get into the tourney. I also think there could be a shuttle for parking or something to improve the parking. Looked like there were still a lot of open spots near field 6. Also, the referee who did our semifinal against the Lions was clearly biased. He knew what he was doing, just chose not to penalize the Chicago teams. I believe he was a CARFU ref and it showed. I would love to have the video of that game evaluated if there is any available.
  9. Buns at the concession stand should maybe be on a table or crates and off the ground. Teams should have the roster printer and completed prior to arrival . . . how can this message be emphasized. Official signs for referee tent/check-in tent/scoring tent, so players know where to go. The rain leading up to the tournament did in some of the fields, but not much could be done about that.
  10. Since the subdivisions within each bracket were random, it was rather unfortunate to only have the top team from each of the 4 subdivisions in the women's social bracket (and I'm not sure if that was the case in other brackets). I know it was only the social bracket, but in this way some teams could make it into the semifinals that were not as good as those who did not.
  11. Obviously the only real things that stick out are the negatives: -The field conditions on the field by the lake were less than desirable (from some of the conversations that I overheard, this may have been a failure of the parks department). -Concessions ran out of food when there was a lull in the action for the main qualifier events. If the intention is to have people stay longer at the event by having the qualifier later in the day, this should be accounted for. -There was no toilet paper in the any of the porto-johns that I used in the afternoon(while this did not affect me, I'm sure some of the female athletes and spectators noticed). -Not sure if the pink officiating shirts were appropriate. While I understand you want the officials to stand out, I'm not sure you want them to stand out in the way they did. Maybe a uniform that they will be proud to wear in the future to better represent the Lakefront 7's "brand" would be more appropriate (I know as a community we are becoming more progressive, forcing people who are respected in the rugby community to wear pink shirts may be seen as disrespectful). These things being said, I feel the Lakefront 7's tournament is leaps and bounds ahead of where it was when I started attending, and ahead of any tournament that I have attended in the Midwest. The concessions and merch tents were adequately staffed when I was there, and the iPad check out system seemed to ensure speedy and accurate payments. Everyone that I interacted with was friendly and willing to help. All of the matches seemed to be on time and coordinated well. While I personally did not view the youth flag rugby event, I heard only great things about it from multiple people, and I am thrilled that the Barbarians are taking an active role in growing the sport in the Milwaukee community. Hopefully this principal role in cultivating interest and talent in the sport will payoff fruitfully for the Barbarians in the future, and help solidify a continued future in top tier rugby for the team. A great run event, along with beautiful weather in the afternoon and delicious beer, left everyone leaving with a smile on their face. Thanks for a great day of rugby!
  12. I thought for the cost and size of the tournament the trophies looked small and cheep.
  13. The ref for the mens social 1 final was not qualified to do the match and ended up costing the better team the championship.
  14. Playing field was not good at all. Referees were amateur. Most of them did not know all the laws of the game and were very poor to judge the rucking situations.
  15. Have the men's and women's qualifier on fields close by each other, do not put qualifier games on field 6 switch, too far from the other two fields.
  16. Qualifiers cannot just be random in brackets. Cannot have only 20minute break between games regardless of injury . Players health is at risk and to have to teams play a hard game and then turn around 20min later to play again is unacceptable. Also playing surfaces on one field were terrible and did result in one of my players blowing an ankle out.
  17. I worked directly with the PeppNation SLC/Lakefront 7s youth division. I thought the support from Lakefront 7s administration was outstanding and the kids played extremely well.
  18. I was impressed that there was a team of people filling in the potholes! That was really nice and at least kept it safer. There's not much you can do about the puddles because of all of the storms. I don't have an opinion on medical facilities and food since I didn't utilize either. I did hear that they ran out of food near the end. Bummer because there were some hungry players at the end of the tournament!
  19. The first game we had was on field 5 and there were no flags up when we played. They didn't start putting them up till after our first game. There were large divits from truck tires in the field that players could eaily twist their ankle on and plenty of mud pits on all the fields. Field 6 was really far from the rest of the fields and was a hike to get too. The last womens qualifier game wasn't even announced till minuets before it was supose to begin.
  20. With the cost of $200+ for entering a team into the bracket. I would think that there would be more then just a 1st place trophy for the overall winner of the brackets.
  21. Love the photos on Facebook
  22. Fields were just bad shape or else it was good.
  23. Again more restrooms need to be unlocked. Some of the field issues could have be taken care of prior to the tournament. Awards for top three should be awarded with full set of matches / playoffs. You need a option / answer for does not apply, I did not eat anything or buy anything from tournament venders. My wife thought the food was ok but the set up was not executed well.
  24. With all the teams that you have, any team that reached the semi final match, should automatically get their entry fee back.
  25. Update the scoreboard more frequently and post field signs.
  26. Great apparel! Lakefront 2013 whoooooooooooooooooooooooo
  27. Haha love the last ?, I think we need a new t-shirt designer, beers expensive but that's ok because people can bring their own beer. Schleicher did well as Vic's mini me.
  28. Field marshals would help with time management and communication, i.e. late teams, refs, and scores. Also, minor detail. The generator was pretty close to Joe S. in the scorer's tent. I think it was a bit distracting. Also, there should be signs, or flags, for the registration tent. Maybe reconfigure that as the registration/information tent.
  29. For men's social bracket, there needs to be rolling subs for the games. It is social, and more than not the players are up to have a good time not stick to rules that should apply to the competitive and qualifier brackets.
  30. More port a johns, and or more toilet paper would be the only thing I would suggest. The women seemed a bit hard up as the day went on. Of course being married I know women use an EXCEPTIONAL amount of TP. All and all a great tournament that our Club looks forward to every year, outstanding work.
  31. It was by far the biggest rugby tournament that i have ever been too. The only thing that I cant compare lake front 7s to other tournaments, like Chicago firehouse 7s and Grand Rapids Hard rock 7s, is that included in the registration cost were so many beer tickets for each team. But other than that, I enjoyed my experience at Lake front 7s. I'm sure the Mutts will make an experience every year from here on out.
  32. Should have some sort of social following play at the end of the day