Youngbloodz win the Women's Qualifier bracket at the Firehouse 7s

Yesterday the Youngbloodz defeated Chicago North Shore 19-14 in a thrilling final at the first-ever Women's Midwest Qualifier in Lemont, Il at the Firehouse 7s. 

Detroit shut-out CARFU to take 3rd place while 5th went to Madison in a 24-7 match over Ann Arbor.

The following Midwest Qualifier points were awarded to each team: 

  • Youngbloodz, 16
  • Chicago North Shore, 12
  • Detroit, 10
  • CARFU, 9
  • Madison, 8
  • Ann Arbor, 7
* Qualifier points are awarded as follows: 1st place, 12 points; 2nd place, 8 points; 3rd place, 6 points; 4th place, 5 points; 5th place, 4 points; 6th place, 3 points; 7th place, 2 points; 8th place, 1 point. Additional points are also awarded for attendance. For each event, 4 points are awarded automatically when a team checks in/appears on-site. Teams that appear at all of the qualifier events will receive an additional 4 points.