Rules & Code of Conduct

rugby code of conduct

Personal code of conduct    

The Lakefront 7s hosts teams and spectators with a varied degree of rugby experience, including a significant number of minors. As such, we expect all participants and spectators to adhere to a basic code of conduct so as not to endanger themselves or others nor jeopardize the success and reputation of the tournament.

Some examples of proper conduct expected from all attendees include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Show respect for match officials and other players.
  • Make safety your first responsibility on and off the pitch.
  • Compete with in the laws of the game.
  • Applaud good play.
  • Verbally support in a proactive manner.
  • Do not become involved in physical aggression
  • Do not change kit out in the open. Either bring a tent to change in or use the available rest rooms.
  • Restrooms are available, so please use them (and not just for changing kit).
  • Overnight camping is not permitted. Pop-up tents to protect from the sun are allowed during the daylight hours but must not be staked into the ground (use weights instead).
  • Alcohol consumption is permitted on-site, but please mind the minors and their parents who are attending. All attendees are expected to drink responsibly and arrange for any transportation in advance as public transit is NOT available at the tournament venue.
  • Garbage and recycling containers are provided. Make every effort to use them throughout the day, and do a final ‘sweep’ of your area when you are leaving the venue.
  • Rugby is a full-contact sport and on-field safety is the first responsibility of all players, coaches, referees and other participants. Ensure that you and your teammates are familiar with and practice safe rugby technique at all times.

Team Check-in & Match Schedule    

Team representatives must check in at the scorer’s table at least 60 minutes prior to their first scheduled match. Each team in the tournament will play 3 matches regardless of division, barring unforeseen forfeits.

Schedules and brackets will be posted online at lakefront7s.com. Please note that posted schedules and brackets are TENTATIVE and subject to change at the discretion of the tournament directors. We strongly suggest that you check the schedule for possible changes the evening before the tournament. Final schedules and brackets will be posted on-site at the event in the scoring and concessions area (see map).

Eligibility, Roster & Substitutions

Rosters will be limited to 12 players for USA Rugby Qualifier matches, or 15 players otherwise. Players in any Old Boys bracket must be at least 35 years old. High School players must be under 19 and have NOT played any college rugby. Each team must submit a roster/waiver form to the tournament director prior to starting play. All players MUST provide an active CIPP (or similar) registration number on the roster/waiver.

A player may only play for one team in one bracket, and playing of an individual that is not on the team roster will result in the forfeiture of that match. A player sent off for any reason will be considered OUT of the tournament and not permitted to play for another team.

As of June 18, 2016 and following World Rugby Sevens Law Variation 3.4, a team may substitute the same player more than once as long as no more than 5 substitutions are made in total in any one game.

Venue & Format

All matches will be played at Veterans’ Park. Matches will be played every 20 minutes (i.e. 8:00, 8:20, 8:40, etc...) and will consist of two, 7-minute halves and a 2-minute half-time. Teams more than 2 minutes late for a scheduled match will forfeit that match.

To provide appropriate competition for all participants, the tournament is organized into Divisions based on age, gender and skill-level. The teams in each division are then sorted into one or more brackets that will compete in Seeding Rounds (round-robin format) and Playoff Rounds. Each team will play 3 matches in the Seeding Round (barring unforeseen forfeits). The format of the Seeding Round and advancement to the Playoff Rounds is based on the total number of teams in the Division and will be displayed on-site during the event.

In the event of a tie during the Seeding Round, official Midwest RFU tie-breakers will be used in the following order: (i) Record, (ii) Head to head, (iii) Tries scored, (iv) Points scored, (v) Try differential, (vi) Point differential, (vii) Penalty kicks and (viii) Coin Toss.

In case of a tie in Playoff Rounds, ‘sudden death’ overtime will determine the winner. Sudden death periods will be 5 minutes in duration with a 1-minute break. These periods will continue until a team scores.

Disciplinary (Red and Yellow cards)

Following the World Rugby law variations for rugby sevens, yellow cards will last for 2 minutes.

A player sent off (red card) during any match is ineligible for the remainder of the tournament.

Two yellow cards in a single match is a red card.

Qualifier bracket (when appropriate)

When the Lakefront 7s has been selected as a USA Rugby National Qualifier event, results will be forwarded to Midwest RFU following the competition who will assign points to the top-placed teams as appropriate. The format and eligibility for the Qualifier may different from above and all Qualifier matches will be governed by Midwest guidelines.