Heart Warming Rugby Stories

These 3 heart-warming rugby stories make other sports jealous

Have you ever seen something that felt like you were being wrapped in a big, warm hug? Rugby, despite its aggressive and fast pace nature, has created some of the best, heart-warming moments! The three stories below have happened at previous Lakefront 7s tournaments and highlight the definition of what it means to be a true teammate. 

Between our talented photographer, who captures the magic of Lakefront 7s, a sweet moment between two high school teams, and an ambulance saved by a group of ruggers, this article will leave you feeling better than when you found it!

Our Unstoppable Lakefront 7s Photographer 

If you’ve seen images from the past Lakefront 7s tournaments, you have been lucky enough to see the work of Rick Benevides. In fact, we publish his photos every Friday on our Instagram!

He’s unstoppable as he captures some of the best rugby moments all from his wheelchair!

Even though Rick has to trudge though the thick grass and sometimes even muddy fields using only his arms, he’s as quick with a smile as he is with a camera lens.

Rick is a talented sports photographer in Southeast, WI (pictured below) and has been taking pictures for Lakefront 7s tournaments since 2009! He’s been published multiple times in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and is the photographer for the Southern Lakes High School conference. Lakefront 7s is lucky to have him a part of the team!

You can read more about Rick through this Article: Meet One Of The Best Sports Photographers in SE Wisconsin. Here is his most recent work from the 2023 Lakefront 7s tournament!

Rick Benivedes
Rick Benevides at the 2009 Lakefront7s Tournament

Opponents make Good Friendship Circles 

This next heart-warming rugby story highlights how rugby has the power to bring teams together. During the Lakefront 7s tournament in 2021, an injury during a match led to a way for two teams to connect.

In the video below, Hamilton RFC  and the Madtown Furies played a fun game as they waited for an ambulance to arrive. The girls were all smiles and filled with friendliness as they united together. Trust in rugby teams for finding creative ways to pass the time. 

Hamilton RFC and Midtown Furies at the 2021 Lakefront 7s Tournament

Ruggers to the Rescue

In need of a tow truck? Not when you’re at a tournament that’s full of ruggers nearby! This moment of kindness adds to the collections of Lakefront 7s heart-warming rugby stories. 

In the video below, a Milwaukee ambulance is stuck in the grass after picking up an injured player. Multiple ruggers from different teams came together to help push the ambulance in order to get it on its way. In a moment of need, players from all over were ready to come together as a team to lend a hand.

Leave it to a group of rugby players to make pushing a stuck ambulance look easy! 

Lakefront 7s 2023: Players pushing an ambulance out of the mud.

Many more heart-warming rugby stories to come this summer!

The Lakefront 7s rugby tournament isn’t the only place where you can find heart-warming rugby stories, but the three highlighted above are some of the best! 

Between our talented photographer Rick Benevides, a creative way to pass the time between two teams, and the saving of an ambulance by a group of ruggers, being a part of a team is one of the best gifts. 

Is that warm hug feeling kicking in yet?

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