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Men’s Hippos pool and bracket preview

The teams have been set for the Men’s Hippos bracket at the 2019 Lakefront 7s (see above). The Hippos is a first for the Lakefront 7s. As we announced back in January, all players in the Hippo bracket must be at least 35 years old and/or greater than 250 lbs in weight.

The four teams will play a round-robin in the pool-stage. The top-2 teams in the bracket will advance to the Cup Championship.

The Men’s Hippos bracket is scheduled to begin at 12:20 PM. Teams should submit their waivers at the check-in table by 11:20 AM.


  • Fatbois (Hungryville, ALL)
  • MAORIs (Milwaukee, WI)
  • MRFC 4 (Milwaukee, WI)
  • Chiefs (Oswego, IL)
2019 Men's Hippos Preview

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